Girl in bondage against an oak-tree

Saturday, 7. September 2019

Master Hugo found such a sweet urban girl that she was just begging to be tied and bound. It seems like the chick has become too much of a city slut and needed some fresh air. He makes sure she gets all the smog-free atmosphere she can handle, but this girl is still going to be gagging. With intricate rope bondage, the babe is tied to a tree in the middle of a hay field. No one in this reclusive space will hear her scream- but we stuck a ball gag in her mouth anyway before leaving!

open air bondage

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Pretty girl in bondage in the sofa

Saturday, 31. August 2019

Petula is so obsessed with fashion that you could say she’s bound to it. To teach the vain teen the repercussions of arrogance, she’s been tied up with rope bondage. Her new vogue is a thick rope that is digging into her soft white flesh. Those nubile arms behind her back and starting to ache from blood drainage and her legs are vulnerably pulled into the air. Petula is learning that it takes pain to be pretty. At least she is looking irresistibly beautiful and sexy in the bondage. You could just fuck her like a bondage supermodel!


pretty girl tied up

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Girl in bondage in the open air

Saturday, 24. August 2019

We have a damsel in distress, tied up in the outdoors. But this time, no prince charming is going to come and save her. This pretty blonde is destined to be a slave to the ultimate bondage master. She has been left out here, tied to a tree so tightly that her flesh is being ingrained with the bark pattern. The bound girl is still acting tough, but by the time the cold night falls, she will be shedding fearful tears. When the master finally returns for his wench at dawn, the girl will do anything just to be freed from her ropes!

tied up bitch

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Girl in bondage in the shibari style

Saturday, 17. August 2019

Rikky met her master in a rock climbing group. The submissive girl was impressed with the guy’s rope tying skills and he offered to give her a course in bondage. Not knowing better, Rikky went to the guy’s house and was led into a dark space. She was bound and blindfolded so quickly that she didn’t realize what had happened. The slave captive soon admitted her subservience to the master and agreed to be his slave- not as though Rikky had any choice! While still in the bondage, the master makes sure to teach the slave girl a lesson!


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Busty girl in bondage on the chair

Saturday, 10. August 2019

Lia is such an obedient worker that she puts in a lot of overtime. Her boss found her at the office on a Friday night, asleep in her chair from exhaustion. While she sleeps, the girl is tied up and blind folded. He pulls her big tits out through the bondage ropes and makes expert knots around the juicy melons. The boss has his submissive worker tied so tightly to the chair that she isn’t going anywhere! It is Friday, and the bound and blindfolded babe must helplessly wait until Monday morning before any relief comes.

serious bondage

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