Girl in bondage likes suffering

Saturday, 24. October 2020

Marina is a submissive woman who likes being dominated. Having pain is a reward for her. Her master can beat her as much as he wants, she will come back for more.
Here Marina is in the hand of master PD. As you can see on the sample pictures below, Marina is tied up and put in several difficult positions. But the more uncomfortable her position, the more Marina likes it. And her master knows his job. On the complete set at Hardtied you can see all what master PD does with his slave Marina.

girl in bondage

girl in bondage

girl in bondage

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Girl in bondage hanging over the floor

Saturday, 17. October 2020

Hardtied has turned Rodanna into a submissive slave doll. Every one of her limbs is tied up behind her back with ropes that cross all over her torso. If the bound girl tries to squirm, it will just make the knots even tighter. There are also two lovely pieces of rope running right through her snatch. The ropes dig right into the tender pink skin and squeeze at the juicy flesh. Rodanna can’t help but get excited from the thrill of being tied up with rope bondage and the feeling of pressure against her swollen clit.

At Hardtied the submissive girls in bondage like to be tied up by their master.

Porno Bondage

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Girl in bondage on the tabletop

Saturday, 10. October 2020

Ida looks so good that we decided to have her for dinner. The girl is bound up with ropes right on the tabletop. First, Ida was bent over so her round ass faced outwards and her underwear pulled into a tight cameltoe. Ida was a good submissive girl while one hand was bound tightly with expert knots and lashed to the table leg. One end of the rope crossed over her back and to her shoulder while the other end bound her free hand. Hardtied left Ida’s legs free just to tease her- if she really wants to leave, she’ll be taking the table with her.

Porno Bondage

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Girl tied up to the bed

Saturday, 3. October 2020

Hardtied has given Petula a special treat of getting bound by her own dress. The slut came to her john wearing all black, but the scene gets darker once the bedroom bondage begins. He rips the silk dress off the submissive girl and tears it into long shreds. While Petula lies on the bed like a budding flower, the strands of silk are used to tie her to the bed. She is given a four corners bondage treatment that leaves her completely exposed on the bed. One just needs to rip off the last piece of silk on this tied up girl.

Serious Bondage

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Girl in bondage against a pole

Saturday, 26. September 2020

Gira is actually tempting you, despite the fact she is completely restrained and helpless to do anything. The girl was too beautiful for her own good in her silky cocktail dress so she was captured and tied to a wooden beam with rope bondage. The ropes circle right around her perky tits that are completely exposed. In between the cleavage are tight knots and then the rope moves downwards. Those dainty feet are tied up right to the pole, making sure Gira isn’t going anywhere. If the bound and smirking girl thinks she’s getting off easy, she yet to see what’s to come.

Pretty and submissive girls in bondage, that’s what it is all about.

Pole Bondage

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