Girl in bondage in the shibari style

Saturday, 17. August 2019

Rikky met her master in a rock climbing group. The submissive girl was impressed with the guy’s rope tying skills and he offered to give her a course in bondage. Not knowing better, Rikky went to the guy’s house and was led into a dark space. She was bound and blindfolded so quickly that she didn’t realize what had happened. The slave captive soon admitted her subservience to the master and agreed to be his slave- not as though Rikky had any choice! While still in the bondage, the master makes sure to teach the slave girl a lesson!


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Busty girl in bondage on the chair

Saturday, 10. August 2019

Lia is such an obedient worker that she puts in a lot of overtime. Her boss found her at the office on a Friday night, asleep in her chair from exhaustion. While she sleeps, the girl is tied up and blind folded. He pulls her big tits out through the bondage ropes and makes expert knots around the juicy melons. The boss has his submissive worker tied so tightly to the chair that she isn’t going anywhere! It is Friday, and the bound and blindfolded babe must helplessly wait until Monday morning before any relief comes.

serious bondage

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Michelle gets tied up by her date

Saturday, 20. July 2019

Michelle is a milf who hasn’t been on a date in a long time. The cougar was so desperate that she took out an advertisement and invited the first guy to reply over to her home. Michelle should have been more careful about her date! Her desperation turned her into a submissive girl and she didn’t even argue as the guy got out his ropes. He started playfully and tied up Michelle’s hands with strong knots, making the rope bondage just tight enough to put a gentle pressure on her veins. Michelle soon realizes her error but is helpless to her blind date’s whims

Porno Bondage

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Rain is a completely helpless girl in bondage

Saturday, 13. July 2019

For Rain Degrey this dream does not really end in smiles. She visited PD since she desired him to lay her bare and that is what she has gotten. She demanded a full power exchange; a way to give herself fully over to PD, and that he will give it to her. If she’s devoted enough then she can receive a reward. Needless to say she will have to suffer through his excitement before he lets her have her own.

girls in bondage

girls in bondage


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Girls in Bondage become Bondage Art

Saturday, 6. July 2019

Master A has an excellent approach for a piece of contemporary artwork. It demands Marina, bound in evil postures, with all kinds of terrible equipment.
To start with the lady simply needs to lean back and endure some uneasy rope, however for his following piece the accessories of preference are used to pinch her nipples and labia. They make excellent spots for whip training and generate her additional time with a vibrator.

bondage art

bondage art


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