Girl tied up to the bed

Hardtied has given Petula a special treat of getting bound by her own dress. The slut came to her john wearing all black, but the scene gets darker once the bedroom bondage begins. He rips the silk dress off the submissive girl and tears it into long shreds. While Petula lies on the bed like a budding flower, the strands of silk are used to tie her to the bed. She is given a four corners bondage treatment that leaves her completely exposed on the bed. One just needs to rip off the last piece of silk on this tied up girl.

Serious Bondage

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Girl in bondage against a pole

Gira is actually tempting you, despite the fact she is completely restrained and helpless to do anything. The girl was too beautiful for her own good in her silky cocktail dress so she was captured and tied to a wooden beam with rope bondage. The ropes circle right around her perky tits that are completely exposed. In between the cleavage are tight knots and then the rope moves downwards. Those dainty feet are tied up right to the pole, making sure Gira isn’t going anywhere. If the bound and smirking girl thinks she’s getting off easy, she yet to see what’s to come.

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Pole Bondage

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Two girls in the nature and their bondage game

Olivia is so beautiful that Rikky isn’t going to let anyone else have her! In this scene of elegant femdom, Rikky has put to use a special metal chain. The chainmail is thin but strong, and leaves a coolness against Olivia’s hot skin. First, the submissive girlfriend’s arms are bound behind her back and her tits are pressed by the chain bondage. The chainmail runs down between the subdued girl’s thighs and wraps around her ankles. Olivia is treated by her femdom mistress with a nice finger and strand of chain up her wet cunt.

Nature Bondage

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Girl tied on a chair

Gira has been put in time out for disobeying her headmaster and he’s going to make sure that she stays there using classic bondage. The naughty girl tried to escape at first so the master had to lasso her feet quickly. Once the girl couldn’t run anymore, she became a good submissive wench. She sat down in the provided chair and first had her legs bound. The rope bondage then curled up her calves and thighs and made some extra tight knots around her ass. The master bound Gira’s hands into her crotch, daring the babe to be naughty again.

chair bondage

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Girl in bondage on a chair

Rikky has been turned into such a nice human chair. Those big brown eyes look out with desperation. Anything, even torture, would come as a relief to the tied and bound girl. She has been waiting in the bondage with suspense that is driving her crazy. Two ropes are squeezing her fat pussy and making a surge of blood rush to the area. Rikky would be so happy just to be fucked like the submissive girl she is! Too bad that she’s in this bound state though, because she doesn’t have much of a choice for anything now.

chair bondage

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