MissAnnOil is the Mistress in pantyhose and also high heels you will prayer today, you have no getaway


As the weak servant that you are, you will get in MissAnnOil’s space. All you want is to be on the flooring in front of a lovely lady who’s wearing the finest quality pantyhose and also the finest footwear.
MissAnnOil will certainly keep hanging her high heels in a hypnotic, unique means. Her heels will swing backward and forward, right under your eyes, while her limitless legs covered by soft black pantyhose will certainly resemble pure paradise to you. She will constantly overlook at you, with an expression that says a lot regarding what she considers you.
You are just a pitiful slave, who gets weak for feet, nylons, and also high heels. In your real life, you could be a powerful man, but when you come into MissAnnOil’s space, you come to be just like every other slave. Weak, pitiful, all set to do anything to satisfy all her needs.
Every night MissAnnOil will be putting on the most expensive and also beautiful heels, bought by some slave similar to you. Her legs will constantly be covered right into the very best high quality pantyhose available. She will dangle those heels, cross as well as uncross those legs, drive you insane with those little motions that only her understands exactly how to do.
You have no retreat, there is nothing else you wish to do currently various other after that get into her room, crawl on the flooring before her, as well as allow her power guide all your actions.