Girl in bondage on a chair

Saturday, 21. March 2020

Rikky has been turned into such a nice human chair. Those big brown eyes look out with desperation. Anything, even torture, would come as a relief to the tied and bound girl. She has been waiting in the bondage with suspense that is driving her crazy. Two ropes are squeezing her fat pussy and making a surge of blood rush to the area. Rikky would be so happy just to be fucked like the submissive girl she is! Too bad that she’s in this bound state though, because she doesn’t have much of a choice for anything now.

chair bondage

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Girl in bondage to a tree in the field

Saturday, 14. March 2020

Niky took the shortcut home from school today, despite all her mother’s warnings. Now the naughty little girl is learning her lesson! Niky was so scared when her bondage captors approached her that she turned into a submissive servant. There was no argument when a large rope was taken out. The girl stood quietly, afraid to speak, while she was bound to a tree. Her shirt was pulled up and bra and pants pulled down first. Niky looks so tasty in her rope bondage that a big bad wolf is sure to come and ravage her.

nature bondage

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Pretty brunette girl in bondage

Saturday, 7. March 2020

Rikky has been acting like a little bitch, so she got a dog harness to put her in her place. The submissive girl is bound at four points, with the rope bondage crossing over her breasts. Rikky can squirm all she wants, but it will just make painful tugging on her opposing limbs. It seems that Rikky has learned her role as servant! She actually starts getting turned on by the rope bondage rubbing against her wet pussy. The tied up girl is begging with her eyes for someone to pleasure her but she knows better than to speak to her master though!

rope bondage

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Pretty girl in bondage in the sofa

Saturday, 15. February 2020

Petula is so obsessed with fashion that you could say she’s bound to it. To teach the vain teen the repercussions of arrogance, she’s been tied up with rope bondage. Her new vogue is a thick rope that is digging into her soft white flesh. Those nubile arms behind her back and starting to ache from blood drainage and her legs are vulnerably pulled into the air. Petula is learning that it takes pain to be pretty. At least she is looking irresistibly beautiful and sexy in the bondage. You could just fuck her like a bondage supermodel!


pretty girl tied up

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Michelle gets tied up by her date

Saturday, 4. January 2020

Michelle is a milf who hasn’t been on a date in a long time. The cougar was so desperate that she took out an advertisement and invited the first guy to reply over to her home. Michelle should have been more careful about her date! Her desperation turned her into a submissive girl and she didn’t even argue as the guy got out his ropes. He started playfully and tied up Michelle’s hands with strong knots, making the rope bondage just tight enough to put a gentle pressure on her veins. Michelle soon realizes her error but is helpless to her blind date’s whims

Porno Bondage

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